Episode 14 – Attack of the Monster Plants


This episode is most definitely from the horticultural canon of LIS, of which there are at least a few.

Things kick off in dramatic fashion when Professor Robinson is pulled by the ankles by a leafy vine into a pit of quicksand. Major West comes to his assistance but is soon dragged in as well. Will comes to both of their rescues.


Smith is again thrown out of the Robinson’s camp. Something about missing detronium canisters. He takes the robot with him. He encounters giant plants and discovers if he places an object inside them it can be duplicated. What he doesn’t realise at the time is that though the duplicates look identical to the originals, they are of poor, flawed quality and soon fall apart.

Meanwhile Judy falls asleep in one of the giant plants. She returns to the Jupiter 2 but it is the duplicate Judy. This imposter is very glum and quiet and acts strangely. Next morning the family wakes up to discover the ship is enveloped by a literal jungle of oversized plants. John and Don proceed to zap them with the lasers.

Zap away!

Judy tries to intervene and in the struggle Professor Robinson finds marks on Judy‘s arm that show she is not the real Judy. They force Smith to take them to the real Judy. They rescue her from where she is still sleep inside the plant and return her to the camp.


Marta Kristen (1945 – present), the Norwegian-born American actress who portrayed Judy, frequently cited this as her all-time favourite episode of LOST IN SPACE since she got to extend herself by playing ‘bad Judy‘.


Twelve years after LOST IN SPACE ended, Marta Kristen appeared in a sci-fi movie called BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS (1980). I remember seeing this film at the cinema because unusually, it featured an actor with a not-so-attractive mole on his right cheek (that would never, ever be allowed to happen nowadays). The film included special effects created by James Cameron, four years prior to him directing THE TERMINATOR.


This rundown of the film is given by British born director, screenwriter and editor Neil Marshall, who amongst other projects has helmed the forthcoming HELLBOY (2019) reboot as well as two episodes of the 2018 Netflix series LOST IN SPACEMarta Kristen can be seen in a 17 second segment that begins from the one and a half-minute mark where she is seated next to actor George Peppard (1928 -1994) looking at a… hot dog!


13 thoughts on “Episode 14 – Attack of the Monster Plants

  1. I really hate it when I fall asleep in a giant plant and my duplicate sneaks away and wreaks havoc back home…. 🙂
    Don’t you?
    PS: We started watching the Netflix Lost in Space when it was on. My husband rolled his eyes and sighed in utter disgust when the daughter was swimming for the surface of the lake and didn’t quite make it and got frozen in there just below the surface. He was like, “That’s impossible. That would never happen.” Lol. He’s so hardcore when it comes to scientific facts.
    Also didn’t know there was a Hellboy *reboot*. I’m scared. What does that mean?!

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  2. Fun comments there Stacey regarding duplicates!
    Regarding the upcoming HELLBOY movie, apparently it features David Harbour (SLEEPLESS (2017) – SUICIDE SQUAD (2016) – THE EQUALISER (2014) in the title role as well as the former queen of kick-butt (circa 2006) Mila Jovovich.

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  3. Okay. Sounds like it might pass muster. (I have a soft spot for the original and gigantic Ron Perlman).

    But why, though? Sometimes a reboot isn’t really necessary….is it? Hmm…..

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  4. Before GLEN writes his LIS synopsis… He should WATCH THE EPISODE from beginning to end and know what he’s talking about… It’s very simple Glen.. Just plug in your bluray or DVD and WATCH IT and then WRITE… Your synopsis always have glaring mistakes… In this synopsis you wrote that Dr. Smith was thrown out of the Jupiter 2 camp because of missing dutronium canisters… WRONG!… He was thrown out for almost letting John and Don die in the quicksand when they fell in and he casually walked away without helping them…

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    1. Thanks for the stern lecture Michael – delivered all school teacher-ish like. Seems like you’ve got a bee in your bonnet about something… but I wish you well in any case. It’s all about LOST IN SPACE enjoyment for all of us. Probably better to concentrate on that positive aspect, I reckon.


      1. No… I’m not a teacher… I’m just someone that believes that if someone is lucky enough to have a tv or movie blog that the public read… That they should put in the little bit of time it takes to Get Things Right before they go to print… And if that means having to watch the movie, or tv episode again fresh… Then what’s the big deal? Fans who are all very familiar with the ins and outs of all the tv shows and movies that they are reading about DO RECOGNIZE WHEN MISTAKES ARE MADE IN DISCUSSIONS and wonder : “Why does THIS GUY have a blog? He doesn’t even seem to watch this stuff”…. This is all written to you in a HELPFUL MANNER and I hope you as a writer can take constructive criticism… If not, then you are in the wrong line of work


  5. The ‘ol ‘constructive criticism’ card, eh?

    Then I guess you won’t mind being on the receiving end of some yourself Michael – only it won’t come from me in this case. Generally, I steer clear of delivering the euphemistically named ‘constructive criticism’ to anyone other than perhaps children, believing that taking on the role of advising other adults how they might improve themselves or their performance is not an area I wish to stray into. I know not everyone feels the same.

    I think most people would agree however that if you WERE going to go down that route, you definitely wouldn’t want to do it in a snarky, sarcastic and superior-sounding way while you are a guest in that person’s on-line home. Delivering ‘constructive criticism’, if that’s what it was (am tempted to say it had more the feel of, at least in parts, venom-infused outrage and ‘glass half full’, punchy nitpicking) is an artform – and experience guides us to knowing if that is what’s going to be served up, then it absolutely needs to be done with gentleness, tact and genuine good intention.

    Thanks also for more snark at the end there with the ‘then you are in the wrong line of work’ suggestion. That one was a bit of a right ‘ol crackup for me. But more ‘constructive criticism’, right?

    Lets end by saying it’s a plus point to see LOST IN SPACE can still inspire discussion and, dare I say ‘passion’, more than 50 years after it first went to air.


    1. Classic LIS is very new to many new generation viewers since it plays weekly on the popular national network ME-TV.. and after the success of the reboot LIS on Netflix, many new generation viewers are just now experiencing LIS classic on ME TV every week for the first time… (btw I’ll TELL YOU when I’m being snarky and not constructive) … Ok : NOW I’M GOING TO BE SNARKY : You sound like an old guy who while on a on a public blog can’t stand being corrected… Notice how with all your responses you never admitted my main complaint.. That the reason your blogs have so many mistakes inside the synopsis is because YOU DON’T watch them fresh before you write the synopsis… You seem to write them from memory.. Which is fine for conversation but Not for publication 😝


      1. Bro, this is gold!

        The possibilities here are starting to appear downright buttery.
        If we can just find a way to harness the willful energy of that wanton critical eye of yours, I think you and I can go places together. Truth is, I’ve been on the lookout for a while now for a… how best to describe it… ‘efficiency expert’.

        Someone – and I picture this ‘leader’ type individual as possibly possessing a strong jawline and dressed in a high price suit (or scrubby jeans – doesn’t really matter) – who can effectively shape and mold me and help me reach the true potential I know is inside of me. Are you that person Michael?

        I couldn’t afford to pay you much – at least at the beginning – but under your tutelage I know I could become more ‘efficient’ and successful in quick time. My earning potential could – and I emphasize ‘could’ quickly rise to match my new found abilities. And then more back to you. Are you starting to see the potential as well?

        With a straight face I will say your fault-finding powers are priestly bro (I’ll confess I’ve shared our comment exchanges up till now with a few other sets of eyes and the general consensus is that a person such as you, with your rare abilities, doesn’t come along every day) and I know I’m ready to take the next step to self-empowerment and yes, self-improvement. Who needs Tony Robins when I can have you? Right? Well…right?

        Please contact me again if you’re prepared to take me on as a client – under your wing, so to speak. My true potential – a mistake-free me, if you will – is waiting to be developed. By you. The deutronium (god, is that even how you spell it?) cans/quicksand debacle will all be a thing of the past. Promise.

        I know I can be better. And I know you know I can be better too. But a steady hand to guide me is what I need. What I’ve always needed, but up ’till now been maybe afraid to admit to. Whadya say Michael? Will you ‘grant’ (little pun from me there, but I know I can get better under your guidance) me that wish, take me on and see what magic can happen?


      2. I suspect you’re between 65 to 70 years old… Probably a MAGA person and overweight with a substandard I.Q. (Don’t let it get you down though because I remember that your leader Trump said often “I LOVE ALL MY UNEDUCATED” and thousands of you stood up in the bleachers and applauded and cheered)


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