Episode 17

The Keeper (Part 2)


This episode begins with a giant iguana (the same lizard seen normal size in Part 1) menacing John and Don. They retreat back to the safety of the Jupiter 2’s force-field. The Keeper appears and brings the giant lizard under control with use of his magic staff.




(**Footnote:  Apart from anything iguana-ish about the clip above, I’m gonna count myself as a fan of the living room decor seen here. The flame-orange cushions with stag motifs are a particular standout for me. Six seasons of watching THE BLOCK and other assorted home renovation tv shows has definitely done something for to me).

The Keeper then calmly walks straight thru the ship’s force-field. He repeats his demand  he wants Penny and Will for his specimen collection. Maureen says he can’t have them and he couldn’t show them any love anyway. The Keeper replies he believes love is a weakness.

John and Maureen go to The Keeper and offer themselves as substitutes for the children. Independently Judy and Don have the same idea and also go to The Keeper,  making the same offer.

After a few more dramas including The Keeper being attacked by one of his own creatures, The Keeper pauses to reflect. He decides he is impressed and actually touched by the Robinson’s generosity of spirit and self-sacrificing ways. He agrees to leave the Planet without Will and Penny, taking the rest of his collection of animals with him.

The boy in this picture is actor Jonathan Harris (Dr Smith). The girl in the picture was Harris’s future first and only wife of 64 years. Gertrude Bregman.


More than one person over the years has suggested The Keeper could easily have taken Dr Smith as his Earth specimen but instead chose not to as a form of punishment for the Robinson’s not allowing him to have Will and Penny.

Punishment? They got that right! Cruel punishment indeed.