Episode 12

A Day at the Zoo

While Penny is looking for plant and mineral samples she is startled by a strange cave boy. She tries to run away but becomes ensnared in a net. A man who is dressed like a circus ringmaster and says his name is Farnum B. appears. He informs Penny she is going to be an exhibit in his travelling zoo.

One by one, Don, Judy, Will, Dr Smith and even the robot are captured and placed in cells. Will and Penny manage to escape and they go to find the cave boy Oggo. Penny begs him to help them get out and he agrees to show Will the exit. The alarm bells ring and Farnum B. runs to stop them. He and Will fall through a dimensional door and end up stranded on an odd, prehistoric world—Oggo’s home planet.

Dr Smith escapes from his cage and when he discovers that Farnum B. is gone, he decides to run the zoo himself. It soon emerges that Mr Farnum has not been so kind to Oggo over the years. Penny begs Oggo to assist Will and Mr Farnum to return to their world. Oggo is reluctant and sees his opportunity to be rid of Mr Farnum and enact revenge for the years of perceived mis-treatment.

At this point, Penny launches into one of the most touching speeches delivered by any Lost In Space character across the entire series in an effort to convince Oggo to act.

“Don’t you care about anything except that silly, shiny coat? Have you really been having so much fun since Mr Farnum disappeared?” (Oggo goes to leave.) “No! You wait a minute! We all love Will but if anything awful happened to him… Do you want that?”

“Mr Farnum would never do anything to really hurt you. I know he wouldn’t. He told me so. Oggo, please! Maybe he is awful. But he did raise you didn’t he? Even if he can’t understand about boys, doesn’t mean you can’t try to understand about men… about fathers. Please Oggo. Please help us!”

Oggo eventually does accompany Don to bring back Will and Mr Farnum. Farnum is overwhelmed with surprise and gratitude – “After all the horrid, stupid things I taught you. You still came!” The episode ends with Mr Farnum calling Oggo his son and Oggo finally uttering two words – “Goodbye Penny”.

The role of Oggo the cave boy was played by actor Gary Tigerman (1947 – ). He spent a year in jail for his refusal to be drafted during the Vietnam War.

His last film role was in the 1991 Kathleen Turner movie V.I. WARSHAWSKI. He is the author of the 2004 novel THE ORION PROTOCOL. Tigerman’s work in radio and television advertising has won him four Clio Awards, the world’s most recognizable international advertising honors.