Episode 24

Revolt of the Androids

Female android Verda, known to audiences from her appearance in a previous 2nd season episode, is being pursued by an Alpha 12 model of the hunter android known as IDAK – Instant Destroyer and Killer.

The Robinsons agree to harbour Verda inside the Jupiter 2 until the danger passes. However IDAK eventually tracks down Verda and prepares to destroy her. Verda manages to convince the android his sensors must be malfunctioning since she is fully human and not an android. She offers to help repair IDAK from some damage he has suffered to his circuit box.

Gradually an unlikely bond develops between the male and female androids. Later, when IDAK is faced once again with having to destroy Verda he is unable to do so due to his growing affection for her. Instead he short circuits.

When the authorities who sent IDAK, the Celestial Department Store, realize he is unable to carry out his mission, they dispatch another android, the bigger and stronger Omega 17 model. It’s orders are to Crush! Kill! and Destroy! both the Alpha 12 and Verda. The new android is almost indestructible and unlike the first IDAK, not susceptible to human emotion.

The less-equipped and weaker Alpha 12 model goes into battle against the formidable Omega 17 in an effort to defend Verda. On the verge of losing, a reclamation machine sent by the Celestial Department Store arrives and the villainous Omega 17 model is sucked up in it by mistake. Before the machine can reclaim both the Alpha 12 model and VerdaJohn is able to destroy it with a disintegrator capsule.

Although Verda and IDAK Alpha 12 are now apparently safe, they realize they will soon be pursued by yet another model of hunter android sent by the Celestial Department Store. In a final selfless act they refuse to put the Robinsons at further risk and instead decide to settle together on a remote planet where they hope to never be found.

24 years after this stand-out episode was made, filmgoers sat goggle-eyed marvelling at an updated look at a pair of augmented humanoids – complete with digital morphing effects – doing the man dance

When a LOST IN SPACE episode elevates itself to the anointed and rare category ABOVE CLASSIC, there is but one honour left to bestow –