Episode 18

 The Sky Pirate


Dr Smith and Will encounter a space pirate who goes by the name A.P. Tucker. Will befriends the pirate, who always has a mechanical parrot perched on his shoulder that lights up whenever it detects danger. Smith orders the robot to kill A.P. Tucker but he doesn’t succeed.


John: What do you want?

A.P. Tucker: Fix my ship so I can leave this blasted planet.

John: We don’t know anything about your ship. You’ve got an alien drive.

A.P. Tucker: Well you just come up with the parts and I’ll show you where they go.


Yep, life’s tough when you’ve got an alien drive.


While repairing the space pirate’s ship Don and John discover the spacecraft is capable of travelling at speeds faster than the speed of light. John remarks that they all could be back on Earth within seconds. However the space pirate is being pursued by an alien bounty hunter from the planet Signant 4.

A.P. Tucker has a future-reading device called “The Forecaster”. When the bounty hunter gets it he leaves. Soon after it is time for the space pirate to say his goodbyes as well. This causes Will to shed tears of sadness and he is forced to farewell his newly found friend whom with he shared the Pirates oath.


** It was a tragic end to the life of Albert Salmi, the actor who portrayed the Sky Pirate A.P. Tucker. In 1990 at the age of 63 and whilst suffering a bout of clinical depression, the actor, who had appeared in over 150 film and television productions (including the classic 1980 comedy CADDYSHACK) fatally shot his wife in the kitchen of their Washington home before several hours later turning the gun on himself whilst in the den. The bodies were discovered by a friend of Salmi’s wife who had stopped by to check on her.