Episode 9

The Oasis


You want funny?

You want drought?

You want oversized things?

This is the episode you get all three.

The Robinson’s are in the middle of a prolonged heat wave and start rationing water. Smith takes a shower while singing ‘Figaro’ (from the comic opera THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO written by Mozart in 1786) using the robot to hold a hose above his head. Don and John are furious when they find out Smith has broken their strict water restrictions  with Don telling Smith “I ought to kick you fair into orbit for taking a shower at a time like this!”


If you’re not familiar with ‘Figaro’, Slyvester will assist you now –

(Bonus: For all opera fans + any admirers of famed mid 20th century English conductor Leopold Stokowski (1882 -1977) you owe it to yourself to also click HERE )

Everyone, including Debbie the Bloop, then goes off in search of an underground water-table. Smith eats contaminated fruit and believes he has been deliberately poisoned. He leaves the Jupiter 2 to make a life for himself in the wilderness. Maureen observes “I read somewhere, people like Dr Smith are called ‘injustice collectors’. Most of them are really very nice when they’re not collecting.”

With Dr Smith gone, various members of the Robinson family start reminiscing about how he wasn’t so bad after all. Because they both ate contaminated fruit (paw paw) Debbie the Bloop (chimp) and Smith both grow to gigantic size. When a storm finally breaks the drought and brings rain, Smith and Debbie shrink back to normal size.

Synopsis for THE OASIS episode as it originally appeared in a TV guide back in November 1965.