Episode 9

Collision of Planets

A group of space hippies – ‘lazy misfits’ – are instructed to head to the planet Chroma to oversee it’s total destruction. They are informed the reason is Chroma has developed an irregular orbital path which threatens to send it on a collision course with the planet they are on. Chroma just happens to be the planet the Robinsons are currently calling home.

The Robinsons are ordered by an unseen voice to evacuate the planet. However they can’t take off since their fuel supply is practically zero and their propulsion unit is not working. The hippies land their Harley-Davidson style space bikes and begin preparations for detonating the Planet. John tells them he’ll need 6-7 days to effect repairs to the Jupiter 2. His pleas fall on deaf ears.

Meanwhile, a mysterious box dropped by parachute lands on the planet. When Dr Smith opens it, an unknown gas is released which renders him unconscious. When he wakes up his hair color has turned apple green. He now also has the strength of 20 men. He begins calling himself “Smith Almighty”. However his new-found powers come and go.

The female space hippy seduces Smith. She then clips his hair. Samson-like, this renders Dr Smith powerless, with all his strength removed. Dr Smith gets his powers back when he starts deep breathing exercises. This activates the alien gases which are still trapped in his lungs.

Professor Robinson then lasers the space hippies bikes. This is plenty incentive to force them to stop drilling and blasting. The Robinsons then have enough time to repair their ship and lift off from the planet.

The actress who played the female space hippy was Linda Gay Scott. Among other roles from this era she also played The Moth, a close associate of The Riddler in the 1960’s television series BATMAN.

She retired from acting in 1983 and began a career as a real estate agent. She is now 78 years of age.

Along with ‘J5‘ from the Season Three episode THE HAUNTED LIGHTHOUSE, the ‘Space Hippies’ are probably my favorite ‘guest aliens’ from the entire series.