Episode 21

Rocket to Earth

Dr Smith meets an intergalactic Wizard whose companion is a ventriloquist’s dummy he rests on his knee. Smith is completely unnerved and becomes convinced he is having a nervous breakdown. He believes he is seeing things that aren’t real. As a result Dr Smith sinks into a state of depression, remarking he is “not fit for man nor beast”.

The robot confirms however that the wizard and his dummy are in fact real and not a figment of Dr Smith’s imagination. SmithWill and the robot enter a cave and meet the wizard, who’s name is Mr Zalto. The fact the wizard owns a spaceship capable of flying back to Earth is enough to rouse Smith out of his depression.

Dr Smith volunteers to be Mr Zalto’s magician’s assistant, hoping he can secure a trip back to Earth for his efforts. He returns to the Robinson’s camp wearing a wizard assistant’s costume, prompting Don to observe, “You’ve done some some pretty strange things in the past, but this tops the lot!”

Smith intends stealing Mr Zalto’s spaceship and rocketing back to Earth. He does not have to go through with his plan however as Zalto voluntarily sends him on a journey in the ship to a nearby asteroid. What he does not realize is that he is being tricked by Zalto into a suicide mission.

John intervenes and maneuvers the ship remotely to return to the planet. Once this has been done they go searching for the wizard to deliver some natural justice but he has disappeared.

The part of Mr Zalto was played by Al Lewis (1923 – 2006). He was most famous for his role as Grandpa in all seventy episodes of the tv series THE MUNSTERS (1964-1966). A little known fact about his film career is he had an uncredited role as a hotel lobby guard in the Charles Bronson film DEATHWISH (1974).