Episode 10

The Sky is Falling


Like so many chapters of LOST IN SPACE, what this episode delivers is a homage to the bonds of family and the love a parent has for their child.

An alien husband and wife pair land on the planet. Will makes friends with their son. The two play with a magical ball that automatically returns itself through the air whenever it is thrown. One day the boy falls sick while out playing and Will takes him to a cave where he rests. However when the alien parents cannot find their son they believe the Robinson’s have taken him. A showdown with both sides packing laser guns ensues. When Will brings the boy back to their alien campsite all is forgiven.


****The role of the male alien was played by actor Don Matheson (1929 -2014) who was a former Detroit police officer. Matheson was awarded the Bronze Starand PurpleHeartfor his service during the Korean War with the U.S Marines. He also played the part of the android IDAK(Alpha 12 model) in one of my very favourite episodes from the second season REVOLT OF THE ANDROIDS.

Actor Don Matheson starred in all 51 episodes of another Irwin Allen production LAND OF THE GIANTS (1968 – 1970).

Capture 2

**** Couldn’t get you any footage of the automatic returning ball Will is seen playing with in this episode but I do have the next best thing –