Episode 8

 The Deadly Games of Gamma 6


The Robinsons meet an intergalactic fight promoter by the name of Mr Myko. He says he holds a series of bouts on the planet called THE GAMMA GAMES which are “televised to hundreds of millions throughout the galaxy.”

Myko asks Professor Robinson if he is interested in competing to represent Planet Earth. John says he’s not but Dr Smith promises Myko he can get the Professor to change his mind, insisting – “He always follows my advice on important matters”. Myko promises Smith passage back to Earth if he can convince the Robinson’s patriarch to fight.

Mr Myko attends a meeting with his superior. He is informed he MUST secure a human for the games so that they can learn more about the species with a view to colonizing Earth.


Smith tries to goad Professor Robinson into competing, saying the reason he refuses is he is scared. John holds firm but senses Will is disappointed he won’t take up the challenge. John explains to Will he is a scientist, not a fighting man, and that his battles are fought in the laboratory not in the ring.

Smith delivers Myko the bad news that he has been unable to convince the Professor to fight. Mr Myko then tries to interest Smith in taking Johns place. Myko promises him he can pick his own opponent. Smith chooses a dwarf boxer, believing it will be a no-contest easy win for him.


When the bout takes place Smith realizes he has been tricked. The dwarf can make himself turn invisible to avoid opponents punches. Professor Robinson steps in to defeat the cunning dwarf, using his trouser belt as a weapon.

John believes he has changed Myko’s mind about his plans to invade Earth but there is one more challenge remaining. Myko and Professor Robinson match wits and test each other’s courage using a device named The Wheel of Life. In a game of high-tech Russian roulette, Myko eventually loses his nerve and ends the game.


John remarks, “It seems that Earthmen have more courage than you gave them credit for. We’re a peaceful people by nature, but just because we don’t like to fight doesn’t mean we won’t.” Myko says he’s certain the military leaders of his galaxy now recognize that and that the Robinson’s home planet will not be marked for invasion.


Ps. The actor who played Mr Myko was former World War 2 navy lieutenant commander Mike Kellin (1922 – 1983). He appeared in more than 50 plays (‘The Bird Cage‘ – ‘Stalag 17’ The Odd Couple’ – and The Emperor’s Clothes’ among them) as well as many films, including these –

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