Episode 8

 Invaders from the 5th Dimension

Capture 2

Aliens land on the planet and  require a human brain to study. Dr Smith is chosen as their subject but he soon convinces them that young Will Robinson would make a far more worthy subject to examin.

The aliens test Will’s mental faculties by giving him a question about mathematical angles. Fearful and upset that he may be seperated from his parents if he is selected for further study Will freezes up and is unable to answer questions he would normally be able to.

Concluding that human beings allow emotions to cloud their intellects and therefore posesses “minds far too primitive to be of use”, the aliens depart the planet in their mono-eyed spaceship.


American television writer and Broadway playwright Shimon Wincelberg (1924 -2004), who began his career as a short-story writer for publications such as Harper’s BazaarNew Yorker, and Punch was the scriptwriter for this episode. Wincelberg also penned (but under the name S. Bar-David) two episodes of that OTHER show doing the rounds at the time Star Trek: The Original Series – Dagger Of The Mind and The Galileo SevenCapture