Episode 14

Castles in Space

Dr Smith comes upon a frozen crypt that contains some type of living organism. He and Don take it in turns to guard it. Smith falls asleep on his shift while accidentally leaving a thermal electric blanket too close to the crypt. This has the effect of melting the crypt overnight. An alien ice princess emerges.

By the next morning, Don, Judy, Smith and Will discover the remains of the melted crypt and silver footprints in the dirt leading away from the site. Meanwhile a meteor-like object flashes through the sky and crash lands on the planet. The ice Princess seems scared.

A Mexican styled silver-skinned gunslinger called Chavo appears. He says he is looking for the Ice Princess. He announces he wishes to return her to her Mother and Father on her home planet. But Will suspects he intends to claim her for a ransom. Will is then taken hostage. In an equal parts amusing and bizarre scene, Chavo gets the robot ‘drunk’ by feeding him tequila.

The Princess flees. Chavo comes nosing around the campsite again looking for her. Don and Chavo engage in a knife fight. The robot and Chavo then partake in a mock bull/bullfighter battle before the robot finally zaps Chavo.

Chavo feels shamed by his defeat and decides to retire. He gives up his kidnapping plans and leaves. Moments later, the Ice Princess appears long enough to transport herself back to her own world.

Three years before she played the role of the Ice Princess, Corina Tsopei (now aged 76) won the 1964 Miss Universe contest.