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There’s an old adage that goes – “Nobody remembers who came second”.

Go ahead and test it yourself.

Pick an event, any event you can remember and challenge yourself to recall who came runner-up. Neil Armstrong may have been the first man to step foot on the moon back in ’69 but you’re doing well if you can name the astronaut who followed him down the ladder twenty minutes later.

This blog project will run counter to the notion no one remembers who came second. LOST IN SPACE, the televison program that ran for three seasons between 1965 and 1968 and originally aired on the American CBS network, is in fact my SECOND favourite tv series of all time. HAPPY DAYS (1974 – 1984), I declare with some hesitation given the occasion and surrounds I have chosen to make this known, stands atop of the mountain.

I have pledged to rewatch all 83 episodes of the original LOST IN SPACE series and chronicle my thoughts weekly on each instalment as I go. As a child I was attracted to this show with the kind of heady trance that brings a butterfly to nectar. I loved everything about it and every character in it – including for some reason the lazy, scheming and forever bumbling Dr Smith.

Looking back I don’t think I ever felt happier, safer or more fascinated by something than when I was curled up on the living room carpet barely a metre from the television, glued to the late afternoon adventures of the Robinsons.

Things you felt a special connection with as a child obviously don’t always hold the same degree of interest once you’ve started seeing the world through adult eyes. But I know this series does. How do I know? Because I first purchased the DVD box set of LOST IN SPACE around 14 years ago (I’m writing these words in October 2018) and commenced my first rewatch at that time. I remember being both surprised and thrilled to discover the love and attraction was still there. And not just some poor faded imitation of my original feelings either. It was as if time had somehow stood still and I was effortlessly able to recommence the whole ardent love affair, with devotion and delight in equal measure coursing through my veins with every breath and every second I watched, all over again.

Having stood the test of time, I’ve now reached the unmistakeable conclusion this show –  along with the reoccuring themes it explores, the way its written, acted and scored and really everything about it right down to the look, sound and ‘feel’ of it – holds an attraction for me that connects to my core. Like the nascent leaves of spring love warmth or the ancients loved the night sky, I love this show! I hope to share some of that love and happiness along the way with you, endeared reader.

All of which leaves not much else to say but… seal the hatches, fire-up the engines, strap yourself in and prepare yourself for adventure.



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