Episode 23

Treasure of the Lost Planet

Dr Smith falls down an underground cave. While there he discovers a cobweb-encrusted treasure chest. Inside he finds the golden bust of a disembodied head. It’s eyes light up when it speaks. Over the ensuing days the head magically appears in various locations when Smith is present.

Meanwhile, Will meets up with a character from a previous episode, Captain Tucker, who is being pursued by three bounty hunters. The Robinsons agree to take Captain Tucker in for the night.

The next day Captain Tucker makes a pact with his pursuers, saying he knows how the golden bust can lead them to treasure. The bounty hunters force Will, Dr Smith and Captain Tucker at gunpoint to use the speaking disembodied head to lead them to buried treasure.

They start digging in the spot indicated by the talking bust but only unearth buried pig iron. Don and John arrive and rescue Smith and Will from their captors.

Actor Albert Salmi (1927 – 1990) played the pirate Captain Tucker in ‘Treasure of the Lost Planet’ as well as the 1st season episode ‘The Sky Pirate’. He appeared in over 150 film and television productions including the movies THE UNFORGIVEN (1960) – BATTLE OF THE BULGE (1965) – EMPIRE OF THE ANTS (1977) – BRUBAKER (1980) – CADDYSHACK (1980) – and the Burt Reynolds crime comedy BREAKING IN (1989).

Sadly, he and his estranged wife Roberta were both found dead in their home on April 22, 1990. They died of gunshot wounds – fired from two different calibre weapons in what investigators concluded was a murder/suicide. Towards the end of his life Albert Salmi had been engaged in writing his memoirs. At the time of the shooting he had been suffering from severe clinical depression.