Episode 16

The Keeper (Part 1)


The Robinson’s meet a humanoid carrying a glowing staff who collects the creatures of the Universe – two of each kind. At first he is friendly and charming, arriving at the Robinson’s spaceship bearing a bouquet of flowers for Maureen. Pretty soon though his real intentions become clear.

A colorized still showing The Keeper meeting the Robinsons for the first time.

First he approaches Don and Judy, complimenting them at what a handsome couple they are and inviting them to become members of his collection. When they decline he urges them to “Think about it”.

Next he invites Penny and Will to his spaceship to view his collection. When the children enter The Keeper‘s spaceship they view all variety of birds, carnivores and what The Keeper refers to as his ‘masterpieces’.

There are also two empty cages (‘thermogenetic units’) When he urges Will and Penny to step inside them they run out of the spaceship. But The Keeper ‘summons ‘ them using his magic staff  (made of ‘weightless cosmic matter’) and Will and Penny begin walking back. Smith appears and causes The Keeper to inadvertently drop the staff. This breaks the spell and the children run to safety.

But The Keeper has not given up on his plans to add two humans to his collection. The next day he summons Will and Penny again using his magic, pulsing staff. Don and John go to The Keeper’s spaceship to get the children back. Their laser guns are  ineffective against The Keeper so Don uses Will‘s sling shot, shown earlier, to send a stone that hits the head of  The Keeper‘s staff, smashing it to bits. This again breaks the spell. John references the story of David vs Goliath when The Keeper asks “What just happened?”.

futuristic laser rifle or an old-school slingshot. What would be your weapon of choice against a goatee-beard wearing, pulsating-staff-carrying alien?
In this episode old school comes out on top.


In this episode, Will wants to know how The Keeper (Michael Rennie) is able to speak English. He says that he learned it from listening to broadcasts he had picked up from Earth.

Coincidental or not, this is identical to an explanation the character of ‘Klaatu’ (also played by Rennie) gave in the classic sci-fi film The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951).

Michael Rennie (1909 – 1971) as he appeared in the film THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL fourteen years before playing the title role in the Lost In Space episode THE KEEPER.