Episode 8

Flight into the Future

Will and Dr Smith accidentally launch the space-pod while they are inspecting the controls. They land on a planet where strange events are the norm. The first sign that all is not as it seems is when they hear the sound of rain but nothing is wet. Later a fruit that looks like a peach drops off the branch of a tree and explodes.

John and Don land the Jupiter 2 on the planet in search of Will and Smith who have by this time decided to take a nap. When they wake up they discover the robot has aged dramatically. They also come across the landed Jupiter 2 but it now resembles an abandoned wreck covered in cobwebs.

The pair then stumble upon a statue erected ‘in memory’ of the robot. At this point they come to the realization that their ‘little nap’ has lasted more than two hundred years.

Next, a woman wearing a red cape and fancy headwear who looks a lot like Judy appears. She claims she is not Judy but that Judy was her great, great, great grandmother. The robot points out that in their current environment they have reason to doubt everything.

Two astronauts (one who bears a resemblance to a middle-aged Kevin Costner) then arrive on the planet. They say they are ‘archeological historians’ and are part of a research team. One of them claims he is the great, great, great grandson of Dr Smith. He adds he believes Dr Smith has blackened the Smith family name for generations.

John concludes that everything they see, hear and touch on the planet is imaginary. He advises you are only fooled if you believe it. The strange happenings continue. Rock monsters, giant lizards and bizarre weather patterns all appear. But as soon as Don and John say they don’t believe it, the apparitions disappear.

Finally, a sentient machine on the planet is revealed as the originator of all the illusions. The machine says it creates the terrifying illusions to scare intruders away from the planet. The machine admits it cannot understand why Will and his family are still there. Finally, the robot blasts the machine and everything is restored back to normal.

Some LOST IN SPACE fans consider this episode derived it’s inspiration from a 1962 movie titled JOURNEY TO THE SEVENTH PLANET, filmed five years before FLIGHT INTO THE FUTURE.

Watching the first 50 seconds of this trailer that’s not immediately clear but from what follows after, it is possible to make a connection between the two.