Episode 22

The Cave of the Wizards

Dr Smith suffers a loss of memory after a headknock. While in a state of amnesia, he is summoned to a cave by an unknown force. He goes into a trance. SmithWill and the robot walk back to the Jupiter 2 but everything has changed. The Robinson’s spacecraft is now covered in cobwebs and abandoned. Spooky organ music plays in the background. The robot announces this version of the Jupiter 2 is a ‘simulation’.

The trio eventually locate the real Jupiter 2. John announces a deadline for lift-off from the planet. Meanwhile Smith wanders back to the cave and comes more under the sway of the alien mysterious force. He imagines himself as the leader of an ancient alien civilization.

John and Don go to the cave packing lazers in an effort to rescue and retrieve Dr Smith. They find him in a deep trance and are unable to convince him to come back with them. Will then attempts to break Dr Smith free of his pledged allegiance to the alien race known as Dranconians.

Overcome by a sudden surge of human emotion and longing for his old human life back, Smith breaks free of the trance and returns to the real Jupiter 2 just in time for it’s scheduled lift-off.

The average cost to make an episode of LOST IN SPACE (1965 -1968) was $159 497. (The median price of a new home bought in the United States during these years was $22 900). THE CAVE OF THE WIZARDS came in at almost exactly $10 000 less than that average episode budget due to the fact filming wrapped in five days not the usual six.