Episode 17

Princess of Space

Penny confides in Will that the night before she dreamed of a beautiful palace. Will scoffs at the idea, prompting Penny to remark. “The trouble with boys is you don’t have any imagination. I don’t see that there’s anything wrong with dreaming of a palace. As long as you know you’re pretending”.

As if on cue, a pair of sparkly silver shoes appears with a note attached that reads “If the shoe fits…”. Penny is hesitant. She then hears a voice announce “Well… try on the shoes. Do you want to be a Princess or don’t ya?”

Will becomes entrapped in a red carpet that has appeared at the same time as the silver shoes. He is transported up to a pirates spaceship belonging to a Captain Krasbow. The pirate says he is from the planet Beta and has been searching for someone named ‘Princess Alpha’ for a long time. Captain Krasbow reveals the Princess he seeks, who is the rightful heir to Planet Beta, was shuttled to Earth just when ‘the machines were on the brink of revolution’.

Will is allowed to beam back down to the planet. He returns with Penny. Judy and Don follow in pursuit but are soon ‘reduced to tape’ by Captain Krasbow. Penny is blackmailed into assuming the role of the long lost civilization’s princess. She undergoes extensive training for her impending inauguration.

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Before the inauguration Penny must pass an inspection from Planet Beta’s royal queen, Aunt Gamma. The mighty matriarch tells Penny, “I knew it was you the minute I saw you. And I’ve never been wrong about anything. Your eyes are just the right distance apart.

Aunt Gamma explains to Penny that they need their royal princess to control the machines. Only in her hands will the royal scepter work. It then comes to light that Captain Krasbow’s 2nd in charge, ship’s steward (14th class) ‘Fedor’ is actually a machine himself and is planning on leading a rebellion during the coronation.

The machines attack, led by the traitorous Fedor. The robot and Captain Krasbow attempt to fight back. Will remembers a secret code – K12B6 – that manifests the real princess ( who looks exactly like Penny). With a wave of the royal scepter Fedor’ is reduced to tape and the machines are repelled.

Six foot five inch tall actor Robert Foulk (1908 -1989) played the role of the bellowing Captain Krasbow. In addition to playing the part of the sheriff in the television series LASSIE (which starred June Lockhart) Foulk also worked as an architectural draftsman designing houses.