Episode 7

The Haunted Lighthouse

Penny enters a cave and encounters a boy with pointed ears. He says his name is J5. The boy tells Penny he is the only person left from a now extinct colony on the planet. The Robinsons blast off from the planet taking J5 with them. During the flight a series of incidents occur indicating J5 is no ordinary boy. This includes J5 harboring an invisible kitten he calls a ‘Zaybo’.


The Jupiter 2 is then sucked into a massive spaceship. The Robinsons are greeted by an old man who says he is a former Air Force Colonel. He runs what he tells them is a space lighthouse. The inside is cluttered full of odd things including many old newspapers. The colonel says he doesn’t get many visitors so “the place is a bit messy.

Colonel Fogey invites the Robinsons to dinner. He also promises them a store of much-needed fuel, which he calculates will power them all the way back to Earth. Colonel Fogey admits there won’t be enough fuel however to power them all the way back to J5’s home planet. J5 mentions to Dr Smith that his home planet is covered in diamonds and rubies. Smith is immediately interested.

Meanwhile evidence of J5’s ‘unusual scientific aptitude’ becomes clearer when he instantly recognizes where an electrical fault lies in complex circuitry despite John and Don having just spent hours trying to locate it themselves. It appears also J5 has the ability to make others imagine things that are not real.

In a surprise twist, which admittedly there were clues to along the way, Colonel Fogey admits he is not a real Colonel, but rather a humble cook who took over after the real Colonel “took off years ago”.

The old man admits after eleven years he still doesn’t know how to run the lighthouse ship properly. He says he has lied about everything, including the promise of fuel back to Earth. He adds he can’t stand being alone and had plans to stow-away aboard the Jupiter 2 when the Robinson’s departed.

J5 has a confession of his own. He admits he’s been so lonely all these years he’s not only taken refuge in his own imagination but used his powerful mind to make others imagine things for him. However with the light house now restored to full working order, the Robinsons prepare to leave in their own ship.

‘Colonel’ Fogey agrees to look after J5 until a repair ship arrives in three years time. The old man and J5 have finally found the companionship they both craved.

The role of the young alien boy J5 is probably my # 1 favorite individual performance from a guest starring actor across the entire series of LOST IN SPACE. Lou Wagner (now aged 72) played the role to perfection, with a unique energy coupled with an impressive range of emotions and mannerisms.

Among a wide-ranging career, he had re-occurring roles in the tv series RAISING HOPE (2010 – 2014) as Attorney Wally Phipps and as Mr Booms in the television series THE MILLERS (2013 – 2014).