Episode 16

Target Earth

Dr Smith accidentally launches the space-pod down to an unknown planet. The Jupiter 2 plots a course to retrieve it. The robot is sent out first to detect atmospheric conditions but he is captured by aliens.

The clay-model style creatures board the Jupiter 2. During this time the family members are frozen in suspended animation. The aliens somehow capture a ‘blue-print’ of the Robinsons genetic makeup. When the space family ‘awaken’ again, the aliens have left, but taken with them the information they sought.

Their plan is to duplicate the Robinsons, appropriate their vehicle, then set a course for Earth. The Robinson look-alikes are to be the advance party for a full-scale invasion of the planet.

With the real Robinsons now tied up and out of the way, the duplicates board the Jupiter 2. At the last moment, Will and Dr Smith break free of their binds, knock out their duplicates and take their place on board the ship.

Will manages to secretly make an emergency transmission to Alpha Control warning them not to allow the Earth-bound Jupiter 2 to land. Shortly after, the aliens are forced to take evasive action to avoid the missiles directed at the ship from Earth.

The aliens make the decision to turn back. Their plans to dispatch an advance party for a planned invasion of Earth are at an end.

The alien leader reflects – “We who are alike and uniform in all our ways still have much to learn about the ways of those who are different from each other. What we are we must remain, until a change comes within our selves – and not at the expense of others.”

The voice actor inside the lead alien’s grey blob suit was Jim Gosa (1931 -1989). Apart from acting credits that included appearing in the 1973 Clint Eastwood movie HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER, Gosa was a popular jazz disc jockey for Los Angeles radio station KKGO-FM for 21 years.

He began studying law at night in 1982. Gosa achieved a life-long ambition of passing the California State Bar exam in June 1988 and worked for an L.A law firm until his death the following year.