Episode 4

Hunter’s Moon

Professor Robinson uses the space-pod to recon down to an unknown planet before the Jupiter 2 makes an emergency landing for repairs. He encounters an alien who informs him “You are trespassing on a private killing preserve, Earthling”.

The alien says his name is Megazor and that he is the future ruler of the planet Zon. He explains he is here to undergo special tests to determine his suitability to be a ruler of his civilization. He needs one final kill of importance and he will have the required total of points to assure his ascendancy as ruler of all of Zon.

After determining that Professor Robinson has the necessary qualities to pose a challenge, Megazor decides he has found his final ‘kill of importance’. He unfurls a scroll he says are the ‘Rules of the Hunt’. These include the time limit for the hunt being 60 Earth minutes and the hunted being given a choice of weapons as well as five minutes head start.

He beckons John to a table where an array of weapons are laid out. He invites the Professor to make his choice but adds “I am required to warn you that each of these weapons may have a small defect”. Professor Robinson chooses an anti-blast Zon protective suit.

During the hunt, Megazor observes Will’s protective feelings for his father. Megazor dismisses such feelings as being mere defects. This prompts Will to remark, “There’s nothing wrong with caring. Haven’t you ever been close to someone? What about your parents? You must have felt something for them?

Megazor then reveals – “I was created by a synthesis incubator Mark 3 advanced model. I have seen your Earthly love and affection. They are useless instincts for survival.”

The hunt begins. Patiently Megazor tracks John and eventually corners him when the Professor becomes seemingly stuck in quicksand. At the last moment John frees himself and kills Megazor. Megazor’s robot offers John a chance to try for ruler of Zon himself. Professor Robinson declines however, saying he has too many what would be considered, ‘Earthly defects’.

American tv actor of the 1960’s and 70’s Vincent Beck (1924 – 1984) played the role of the ambitious Megazor. Because of his deep voice, height and overall look, Beck was often cast in the role of villains.

His feature film debut came in the improbably titled SANTA CLAUSE CONQUERS THE MARTIANS (1964). In the year before his death Beck was vice-president of the American Actor’s Equity Guild.