Episode 19

Mutiny in Space

This episode begins with Dr Smith being ostracized by members of the Robinson family for accidentally blowing up the family’s weather station. On a solitary walk with the robot, Smith comes upon an alien spaceship. Soon Will joins him and enters the ship where they meet a Captain Bligh-style character named Admiral Zahrk.

The spaceship blasts off with Will, Smith and the robot onboard. Admiral Zahrk promotes Will to Midshipman, the robot to Quartermaster and insists on referring to Dr Smith as “Mr Spindle Legs”. Admiral Zahrk is also for some reason all the time referring to his unseen arch enemy “Mr Kidnoh”

Meanwhile, Don and John use a reverse magnetic beam to pull the Admiral’s spaceship back to the planet. Once the ship has landed, Will, the Robot and Smith disembark, but Admiral Zahrk blasts off immediately to continue his search for the elusive Mr. Kidnoh and the rest of his original mutinous crew.

MUTINY ON THE BUNNY was a 1950 Bugs Bunny animated short released by Warner Brothers. This brief excerpt will give you some idea of the tone and idea being aimed for in this 48th episode of LOST in SPACE.

American writer Marc Cushman remarked in Volume two of his three part biography series of IRWIN ALLEN’S LOST IN SPACE – “MUTINY IN SPACE” gets this author’s “award” as the worst Lost In Space episode made.”

Despite my professed life-long love of this show, with zero tension, a paper-thin plot and minute to minute silliness, I am at pains to disagree.