Episode 21

Space Beauty

The planet the Robinsons are on is in the midst of a sustained drought. Will and Don rig up a ‘rain machine’ contraption they hope will induce precipitation from the air.

Meanwhile Intergalactic Entertainment Promoter Mr Farnum appears to Judy and Penny and announces he is running a beauty pageant. Female creatures of all different descriptions and originating from many different planets begin gathering.

When Will questions whether some of the odd-shaped creatures could really be considered beautiful, Farnum reminds Will that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. He also asks him to consider if he were a fish, would he likely find a grizzly bear attractive.

Farnum is pressured by his bosses to find a humanoid to appear in the contest. He approaches Judy but she declines. Smith, eying a reward from Farnum, tells him he knows a way to persuade Judy to enter.

Dr Smith advises Judy NOT to partake in the contest as she would have little chance of competing against such stiff competition from across the galaxy. Judy’s competitive instincts then take hold. She decides to enter the pageant after all.

However the fine print of the contract Judy signs states that the winner of the contest must live in the organizer’s galaxy forever. The ultimate judge of the contest appears, a being known as The Mysterious Dictator, and chooses Judy as the winner.

Smith offers instead the robot dressed as a woman but the flame-headed Mysterious Dictator refuses. He summons Judy, who now appears to be hypnotized. Judy walks slowly towards the being’s raging furnace of an outstretched hand.

In a last ditch attempt to stop the union, Don hurriedly rigs the rain machine. It produces snow instead, which is enough to extinguish the Mysterious Dictator’s flame and ‘dissolve’ him.

The actor who played the part of Mr Farnum was Leonard Stone (1923 – 2011). He had supporting roles in over 120 television shows and 35 films (including a character in my 2nd most favourite Jerry Lewis movie THE BIG MOUTH (1967)) across a fifty year time span from 1956 – 2006.

His career included touring Australia and New Zealand for eight years with the live stage musical SOUTH PACIFIC. One of Stone’s more notable film roles came in 1971, when he played Mr Beauregarde, the father of Golden ticket winner Violet Beauregarde in WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. 

He appeared in another Jerry Lewis film in 1980, titled HARDLY WORKING and wrote a children’s book called KEEPY – THE KANGAROO WHO NEVER GREW that was published a few months before he passed away.