Episode 4

There Were Giants In The Earth


This episode begins with Will issuing chess commands to the Robot in an effort to stop it from killing him. Don threatens to break Smith’s neck. Will is still calling his father ‘Sir’.

The Robinson’s land on a planet where everything is in gigantic proportions. After planting a seed garden in soil that “has all the richness of the Mississippi Delta” the Robinson’s are surprised to find a pea pod has grown overnight to six feet in length. Later, Don, Professor Robinson and Will encounter a one-eyed Cyclops Giant and use a laser rifle to subdue it.

Classic art poster depiction of action from the episode.
Colourised stills from the episode THERE WERE GIANTS IN THE EARTH.

Highlights of this fourth episode also include –

  • Maureen placing clothes in the automatic laundry and ten seconds later bringing them out clean, neatly folded & wrapped in plastic display packets
  • Will playing guitar and singing a song by the campfire
  • Penny reporting to her mother that she saw Don kissing Judy on the hand and concluding “I bet she picked up a lot of germs”
  • Temperature on the planet dropping to 150 degrees below zero
  • Professor Robinson giving a ‘double’ to both Penny and her pet chimp Debbie on the back of the jet pack
  • Rigging up and testing the force field (“That force field would stop a rocket barrage”)
  • The classic comeback of “Don’t you Madame me” from Maureen to Smith
  • Will using his electronics knowledge to repair the ‘visual scanner’.


  • incubate
  • soil sample
  • parasite
  • metamorphosis
  • radio telescope


Did You Know?

This LOST IN SPACE episode was directed by Leo Penn (1921 -1998), father of Hollywood actor Sean Penn. Penn Snr also directed episodes of STAR TREK.