Episode 11

Deadliest of the Species

The Zeta Galaxy Law Enforcement Bureau is hot on the trail of renegade space capsule ALPHA 784. The escapee capsule crash-lands on the planet the Robinsons are on. At first Will and the robot think it is merely space junk. Then a female voice says to the robot “Don’t go. Stay with me.”

The Law Enforcement Agency dispatches two android space marshals to retrieve the capsule. They commence attacking the Jupiter 2, believing the Robinsons are harboring the unit. Meanwhile the ALPHA 784 by this time has fully assembled itself and is now holed up in a cave.

When the Robinson’s robot visits ‘her’ he confesses – “I know you are evil but I had to come back. You are the only one of my kind I have seen in so long.” The ALPHA 784 informs the robot there is just one thing she needs to be fully functional – a sub atomic energizer. The robot tells her there is only one of those on the planet they are on and it is needed for the Jupiter 2’s forcefield.

The robot travels to the Robinsons camp to ask Professor Robinson for the sub-atomic energizer. The robot says Will is being held captive and will only be released by the ALPHA 784 when she has been given the sub-atomic energizer. John reluctantly hands over the vital part.

The robot confesses to Will he is in love with the ALPHA 784. “You have your family. Everyone has someone. Except for me. I was all alone until I found her. I will never be lonely again.”

The leader of the Zeta Galaxy Law Enforcement Bureau arrives. He reveals to John what was in the capsule. “It contained a marvelously superior robot. It was evil incarnate contaminating everyone and everything that came within its reach. It nearly destroyed an entire world before we caught it. And even its parts were so superior they could not be destroyed.

Our only choice was to disassembly it and place it in this space prison and orbit it into outer space where it would be for all time to come. Those parts must be recovered and orbited back into outer space before its reassembled and spreads death and destruction from one end of the universe to another.”

The robot uses the sub-atomic energizer to fully empower the evil ALPHA 784. Will arrives and tries to convince the robot he is just being used. Will takes the sub-atomic energizer and runs out of the cave. When the ALPHA 784 attempts to destroy Will the robot intervenes but is then zapped by the ALPHA 784.

Will escapes and runs back to the Jupiter 2. John and Don set up an ionic particle grid to short circuit the ALPHA 784. But first they must lure the malevolent machine on to the grid. They use the robot as ‘love bait’ for this purpose, getting him to pretend he is still on her side.

At this moment Dr Smith is heard to quote English poet and novelist Rudyard Kipling’s famous 1911 poem THE FEMALE OF THE SPECIES – “The female of the species must be deadlier than the male.”

The ALPHA 784 is incapacitated in a blaze of sparks and smoke the moment it connects with the grid. The robot cannot hide his mixed ‘feelings’. “I did think she was something special but she turned out to be just another pretty face.”

In an upbeat twist at the end, some days later a version of the ALPHA 784 is fully restored and brought back to life by the robot, after he has taken care to “rework her micro-mechanisms and remove all the evil orientations.” The robot announces proudly, “I did it because I only wished to prove there is no such thing as a bad robot”.

The uber-sultry voice of the ALPHA 784 was provided by actress Sue England. Among a great many film roles she appeared in Funny Face (1957), Teen-Age Crime Wave (1955) and Broken Arrow (1956). England stood only 5′ 1″ tall. She passed away three years ago, aged 89.