Episode 17 (S2) – The Questing Beast


Will and Dr Smith meet a clumsy medieval knight named Sir Sagramonte.  He says he’s on a quest to find and destroy Gundemar, a fire-breathing dragon. He agrees to take Will on as his page and in return teach him values of chivalry, courtesy and good deeds.


Dr Smith meanwhile is more interested in how the old knight arrived on the planet, believing him to have a spaceship. Sagramonte denys he has a craft and says he has been transported to this location in the solar system by ‘enchantment’. Smith describes the old man’s quest as ‘babbling nonsense’. Will on the other hand firmly believes in it’s virtue.



Penny meets the dragon and discovers it is female and can speak. Gundemar starts to cry as she confides she has been pursued by the knight for 40 years, merely so he can boast of heroic deeds that have never actually taken place.


Will becomes disillusioned with the old man, believing some of his tales of bravery and facing danger in battle may be embroided with exaggeration and untruths. When pressed by Smith, Sir Sagramonte confesses he lied to both Will and himself so that he “might win the worship of his fellows”.

In a personal epiphany, he reveals he can no longer keep up the false facade of being a brave knight when clearly he is not. Sagramonte declares his quest over, resolving to go home and “be an old man by the fire”.


Later, he changes his mind and decides to battle the dragon in one last grasp for glory. Penny intervenes and explains the ‘lady’ dragon doesn’t want to hurt anyone. Penny adds she senses neither does Sagramonte. At Penny’s suggestion, both the dragon and the old knight teleport back to their respective planets. Personal truth with honor has been restored once more.


The part of the ageing, over-confident knight reluctant to face the truth about himself was played by American actor Hans Conried (1917 – 1982). In addition to a substantial body of work in theatre, television and film, Conried lent his voice to a great many cartoon characters, among them Dr Seuss’s THE GRINCH.

This video compares the work of different actors who have voiced the Grinch over the years. The fourth segment is Hans Conried’s.

3 thoughts on “Episode 17 (S2) – The Questing Beast

  1. Yeah, the first thing I was thinking, like Smith, was how’d they get on the planet?
    Flashbacks of Gilligan’s Island followed…and all the different folk they were visited by during the years.
    I found that VERY frustrating as a child that, despite all the visitors, they could never get off that damn island.

    I love all those “Nonsense” titles. Hilarious that there’s so many.

    But mostly, I feel very very very very very sorry for the dragon who basically has been saddled with the most psychoticically determined loser stalker in the history of the universe. I’m very happy that Lost in Space episodes often concluded with a happy ending….whereas the folks on Gilligan’s Island…..mmm….

    You MUST have seen Galaxy Quest. Remember the scene where they bring up Gilligan’s Island to the alien crew and they all immediately get sad, look down, and the one leader guy goes, “Oh, those poor people….”

    Also thought Hans was pretty good as Grinch. But no one can top Boris, of course. No one! 🙂

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  2. I loved their innovative/adaptive lifestyle. But I WAS frustrated that they had SO MANY opportunities to get saved and never were–often due to the selfishness of whoever was visiting at the time.

    PS: thanks for the clip. I LOVE that movie. A lot.

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