Episode 16 (S2) – The Girl from the Green Dimension


During a solar gale, Will and Dr Smith spot Athena – the ‘Girl from the Green Dimension’ – while looking through a space telescope. Later she appears at the Robinson’s camp where she is again suspected of being after the Jupiter 2’s deutronium supply – just like she was in the other Season Two episode in which she featured – WILD ADVENTURE.


Soon Athena’s brutish, green-skinned ‘boyfriend’ Urso turns up. He becomes enraged when he hears Athena repeating the phrase “Hansom, pretty Dr Smith.Smith discovers Athena has the ability to see into the future. He hopes she will share the secret of how it can be made possible with him.


When Urso meets Will he touches him on the head. Will is immediately transformed into a green-skinned, green haired boy in the likeness of Athena and Urso. Athena describes Will as ‘beautiful’. When Will objects, pointing out that ‘beautiful’ is not a term used to describe boys, Athena replies “Me not know much word. Dr Smith teach I more plenty soon.”


John demands Athena ‘de-green’ his son but she insists only Urso can do that. Dr Smith pleads with Urso to change Will back but his attempts fall on deaf ears. Smith is forced to challenge Urso to a duel. At the last moment Will convinces Athena to ensure Urso  spares Smith’s life. With a wave of his hand Urso also returns Will back to normal.


The actress that played the part of Athena was Vitina Marcus. She was an acting student of Lee Strasburg (1901 – 1982), considered the father of method acting in America. After bowing out of film and television work in the early seventies, she went on to have a career as a successful real estate agent.

In an interesting alignment of the stars, seven years before this LOST IN SPACE episode was made, Vitina Marcus named her only daughter, born in 1959, Athena.


3 thoughts on “Episode 16 (S2) – The Girl from the Green Dimension

  1. All I know is whenever our deutronium supply gets low I start to worry because trouble always follows. So many of the other beings in the galaxy don’t plan ahead, end up running out, and inevitably come to plunder our supply.

    It seems like quite a difference to go from acting to real estate, doesn’t it? But it’s a smart move if you realize you’re past the expiration date in Hollywood (somewhere around 22, lol).

    You know, the way that Athena was speaking: “Me not know much word. Dr Smith teach I more plenty soon”
    reminds me of the Wachowskis’ Cloud Atlas (I also read the book; book was obviously better than the movie).
    Did you see it?
    “I cogged for the first time there’n’then.”
    “But her answers didn’t quench my curio none.”
    And, of curse, the famous “Yeah, that’s the true true.”

    It was too ambitious an idea for them, I think. Or maybe it was the make-up, which was HORRIBLE. Why would you even try to turn a white guy into an Asian with make-up? Just get a lookalike Asian actor, for God’s sake!

    Anyway, I think it’s the true true that handsom, pretty Dr. Smith, like Athena says, lol

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